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Home of the one and only Fandrich Vertical Action that plays like a grand.
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2008 Fandrich & Sons Model 185HGS 6'1" Grand Piano 6'1" Grand Piano


  • Hand rubbed satin rosewood finish
  • Matching ajdustable bench
  • Regularly maintained by Fandrich & Sons
  • PianoDisc player system
  • Very lightly used, mostly by player system
  • German solid spruce soundboard
  • Roslau wire (Germany)
  • Delignit pinblock (Germany)
  • Ronsen Wurzen felt hammers (USA)
  • Renner shanks (Germany)
Regarding the Model 185:

"Thank you for allowing me to use your Fandrich & Sons piano on my latest Jazz Trio CD recording. Your piano has everything a classically trained artist would want: a quick and fluid action; beautiful, singing tone, yet powerfully bold when called upon. The action doesn't control me - I control it. It's heaby enough to respond but light enought that you can execute. It plays itself! You're getting the sweet part of each tone at all volume levels, like the piano is an extension of my brain. To this point it is one of the finest pianos I have ever played. Thanks for all your hard work!"

-- Jim Martinez
Sacramento, CA. www.jimmartinez.com