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A reputation for outstanding tone and action response.
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Fandrich & Sons FVA (Klima) 2005 50" Upright Piano


  • Base piano started as Klima from Czech Republic
  • Has the Fandrich Vertical Action built by Renner
  • Matching adjustable bench
  • Opening front board
  • Hand rubbed satin finish
  • Able hammers
  • Has been maintained by Darrel Fandrich for all it's life
"Last Sunday morning while seated at the Fandrich & Sons grand piano which you crafted for our church, I rendered one of the most sublime performances of Cesar Franck's Panis Angelicus in the history of the world! I was deeply moved in the midst of this beautiful musical prayer to realize that it was not just me making such a beautiful sound...every one of you who touched that fine instrument in its conception and fabrication had a hand in that particular piece of music last Sunday....You were not there to witness the hush and the grandeur of the moment....But I must say 'thank you' many times over for the pride and brilliance you put into your work."

-- Cass Seely
pianist at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, regarding their Fandrich & Sons 213HGS (7'grand).