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Home of the one and only Fandrich Vertical Action that plays like a grand.
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2008 Fandrich & Sons Model 185HGS 6'1" Grand Piano 6'1" Grand Piano


  • Hand rubbed satin rosewood finish
  • Matching ajdustable bench
  • Regularly maintained by Fandrich & Sons
  • PianoDisc player system
  • Very lightly used, mostly by player system
  • German solid spruce soundboard
  • Roslau wire (Germany)
  • Delignit pinblock (Germany)
  • Ronsen Wurzen felt hammers (USA)
  • Renner shanks (Germany)
"This piano is so different from the one I sent down to you - different in all the right ways! No matter how quietly I play, all the notes sound and sound evenly. The keys glide under my fingers. My big fear was that in order to get the pppp we would have to give up the FFFF, but no, it has it all. I'm not sure how this works. I have always liked the sound of my piano but since you worked on it, it has found a new, even more beautiful voice. It SINGS! I could not be happier with it and have already suggested to two of my friends who either need new pianos or serious work done on their existing pianos that you are the ones to do it."

-- Sue Adams, La Conner WA
August 2010, 1912 Kurtzman 6' grand