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Home of the one and only Fandrich Vertical Action that plays like a grand.
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Fandrich & Sons

Model 126V upright w/Fandrich Vertical Action (Used) 48" Upright Piano


  • Piano built by Klima Piano Company (Czech Republic) c. 2004
  • Fandrich Vertical Action built by Renner (Germany)
  • Renner hammers
  • Hand rubbed satin ebony finish
  • Matching adjustable duet bench
  • Opening top front board lets more music out of the piano (see photo)
"As a teacher, I couldn't ask for a better piano. It is very easy to make this piano express what you want. The action is light and easy, which for a beginner is wonderful, they can easily experience dynamic differences. A friend playing my piano for the first time couldn't believe how 'different' my piano was from his. He said, 'You can tell that there's nothing wasted. Playing it was like slicing butter.' He hadn't realized there was such a difference in pianos."

-- Mary Munson
Camano Island